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glamrocktiger's Journal

18 March
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Cheers! I'm Tony, and this is m'blog. I'm not sure it isn't a colossal waste of time, but I write compulsively and need an outlet. I am a wandering artistic soul in search of friends, collaborators, intelligent people, book-lovers, cat-lovers, daydream believers, fellow artists and vagabonds on spiritual and creative quests. I am or have been a poet, freelance journalist, zinester, painter, amateur filmmaker, clotheshorse and human-tiger hybrid, currently residing in the Bay Area. I live in Oakland 'cause it's affordable but work in the vibrantly beating heart of downtown San Francisco. I am in the hospitality and service industry and I daresay I'm fairly good at what I do. I also have a flat in the top of the Coit Tower in Pioneer Park, and on warm summer nights I let down my hair and Ben Whishaw climbs up and we drink red Bordeaux (what the Brits call "claret") It's as lovely as it sounds. I am geeky and intellectual with a lifelong list of obsessions ranging from the common to the obscure. My long-range plans include falling in love, travelling the world, and ending up in sub-Saharan Africa to study hippos in their natural habitat. I’ve had all my shots and rarely bite.